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´╗┐Insert your address below and the map will populate with open Life Groups organized by how close they are to your addesss. If nothing appears, try clicking fewer filter options. Scroll down and you'll see the open Life Groups as well as some information about the demographics of the group, their meeting schedule, and what they are currently studying (provided by the group leaders). If you find a group that you're interested in checking out, click the button to the right of the description to "register" for the group. 

After you "register" the group leader will receive a notification that you are interested in their group. They should reach out to you within a couple of days and give you some more information about their group. They will also arrange a face to face meeting with you. This meeting, which can be as simple as meeting up at church on a Sunday, will give you both a chance to put a face to a name. It will also allow you to both get a feel for one another to see if this is a good fit. Then the leader will invite you to their next group get together.

If you don't hear from a leader after a couple of days, if you at any point do not think this group would be a good fit and don't feel comfortable informing the leader, or if you have any additional issues or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Life Group team at

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