Alaska Mission: July 10th to 17th

July 10, 2019 to July 17, 2019
Coffman Cove, AK
This team will be assisting and supporting a Foursquare missionary couple, Joel & Trish Buchanan, in building a benevolence storehouse that they will use to minister to members of the community throughout the year.

Over the past seven years we have been engaged in a cross-cultural outreach to the Haida and Tlingit people of SE Alaska. Our missionary, Joel Buchanan, who is Tlingit himself, has built a relationship with the community that has opened a door to the church. There was once a lot of animosity between Alaskans and the Christians who helped "tame" Alaska. We bore that animosity when we first began to serve in Alaska. Now we are friends, and our cooperative serving has led to plans to plant churches in Tlingit and Haida communities. When we serve, we do so at Joel's direction. He is the missionary committed to this work for years, so we do anything we can do to serve him as he serves the Haida and Tlingit supports the ministry. To that end, both a harvesting and fishing team are going to assist Joel in building a benevolence storehouse that he uses to minister to members of those communities throughout the year.  

This team will fly from Portland to Ketchikan and then catch the 3:30PM ferry to Hollis (Prince of Wales Island). We will be picked up and taken to Coffman Cove and Paradise Found (a place we helped build with Joel). On this harvest mission, we will work to harvest sea asparagus and can it so that it can be used in the benevolence ministry that Joel oversees. The team will also split firewood and assist in property improvements. It's hard work. We get tired every day and earn our sleep. We will spend at least one day in Klawock, the Tlingit village learning about their history and cultural traditions.