Acts Connect Groups

If you're looking for a way to connect with others and God even while you're social distancing, we would love for you to be apart of one of our Acts Connect Groups. Even though we can't gather on a Sunday morning right now, we can still experience community and unity by diving deeper into our sermon series centered on the book of Acts. These multigenerational groups will meet via phone, video call, Facebook, or the Marco Polo app. While our sermon series will continue over several months, these groups will commit to meeting together for 4-5 weeks at a time. 

Groups that meet via phone or video call will meet once a week for an hour and discuss the book of Acts together. You let us know what time of day you are available and we will place you in a group with others who are also available during that time period. Once you have been assigned to a group, your group leader will reach out to you and set a meeting date and time that works for the group. 

Group that meet via Facebook or the Marco Polo app will be placed in a group together on those platforms. The group leader will ask a question or provide a discussion prompt daily and group members will interact together and discuss within the group. For these groups, being able to regularly interact in the group is a must for the group to be successful.