The Marriage Course : Fall 2020

The Marriage Course provides 7 “Date Nights” for married couples looking for practical help to strengthen and improve their relationship. It is designed to enrich and encourage couples to build stronger connection, learn to communicate more effectively, resolve differences in healthy ways and genuinely have a fun time together!

Here are a few details:

It's set up as a date with your spouse for one evening a week for 7 weeks covering 7 topics. Each registered couple will be invited to join an online, virtual meeting via Zoom with our own B4Church hosts and all the other couples attending.

Each “date” will have a short opening with the hosts and then The Marriage Course will be viewed by everyone at the same time.

The “date” includes online teaching and then pauses to give each couple private time together to discuss various subjects and exercises. It is interactive throughout the 2 hour “date” so there is plenty of time for couples to personally connect with each other.

Cost: $20/couple which include 2 workbooks that are necessary for the course. ( Scholarships are available. Please reach out to for more info.)

We will use email as our way to communicate with you and to send you the Zoom link to the course. Please use an email you check regularly when you register. 

How many people will you be registering?