Fall 2019 MotherWise Registration


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All communication about Motherwise is done via email. Please enter an address you check regularly.
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All moms who attend MotherWise are required to serve in our MotherWise Kids program at least once each season (i.e. Fall or Winter Session). Everyone who serves anywhere in our Children's Ministry is required to go through our volunteer process. If you have served anywhere else at B4, you should have already been through this process. We will send you an application if you have not yet been cleared.
This includes any children that you are NOT bringing to MotherWise. This information is used to help us form our groups.

Please note that we only provide MotherWise Kids for children birth to Pre-K. Additionally, this year only we will have children's ministry for children in kindergarten through 8th grade who are currently homeschooled. To register the children you will be bringing to MotherWise, use this form

MotherWise Children's Ministry Policy Agreement

  •  I understand that all children need to be pre-registered before coming to MotherWise
  • I understand that I must comply with the wellness policy, not bringing my child if any symptoms exist:

               -Fever within the previous twenty-four hours

               -Vomiting and/or diarrhea within the previous twenty-four hours

               -Runny nose with any discolored discharge

               -Sore throat

               -Persistent cough

               -Childhood disease symptoms (chicken pox, skin infection, unexplained rash, pink eye, lice, etc)

  • I understand that I cannot bring children that are visiting me or any children that have not been preregistered
  • I understand that if my child misses four sessions in a row, they may be dropped from the roster to make room for those on the waiting list unless I communicate clearly with Pastor Liz Wilcox regarding the circumstances
  • I understand that I will volunteer to help with the children along with my group for one session. To do so, I understand that I will need to complete the child safety volunteer process. 

Please note, you must agree to this policy in order to participate in MotherWise.